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Living well in the era of Covid19

It's been 50 days that we have been living in this new environment of Covid19. The first few weeks were pretty hectic. The kids were home-schooling which is still pretty intense. We closed down our downtown office and moved everyone home. We are going to reopen but most of us will still work from home since school will be out officially on May 15th and it is unlikely to be any in person summer camps for children. Even if there were, I am not willing to expose my son to lots of new people and this virus.

As things were shutting down, our first concern was staying healthy. I purchased a supply of vitamins and probiotics to make sure we did not run out. The vitamin regimen included a multi, vitamin c, vitamin d, black seed oil, and oil of oregano. We also walk most mornings, otherwise our dog can become a nuisance and overly needy while we are working.

It was fun cooking at first, but I am completely over that. I am back to meal planning which reduces our grocery bill. And my favorite kitchen tool is my pressure cooker. There is no better way to make lentils. I have a great recipe for coconut curry lentils. I make meat every other day. We try to eat all the leftovers. Water is also a big focus and keeping hydrated.

I have also started a garden. Hopefully things grow, especially after spending a few hundred dollars at home depot. We are also composting. I purchased a small stainless steel pot for the kitchen. The rotating composter for outside is out of stock so we are using the old dog house sideways and composting out of that for now.

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