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About Tiffany Green Consultants &
Tiffany Green-Abdullah

At Tiffany Green Consultants, we understand that change is not always easy. Since 2008, we’ve been helping organizations and professionals in K-12 and Higher Education respond to industry innovations. Our years of experience have taught us to always make your success our priority.

Our team and services are ready to help your organization reach new goals so that you not only survive but thrive. Give us a call today to set up your first conversation.

Tiffany Green-Abdullah, M.Ed, PMP, is a visionary leader in learning technologies, innovative learning design as well as community development. She was the first recipient of the Masters of Education in Education and Technology from Peabody School of Education at Vanderbilt University. As a first-generation student from Chicago IL, she received a Bachelor of Science in Economics also from Vanderbilt University.  Tiffany has worked in a number of industries but the greatest strength of the firm is personal development. 

Her projects include a book about her family history, speaking engagements, professional development workshops, and consulting projects in education and the future of work.


Tiffany was the former Sr. Policy Aide to the Vice President of the Minneapolis City Council from 2001 to 2004. She was an Educational Planner for world-renown educational architects, Fielding Nair International from 2004 to 2008. Tiffany began her career at Georgia State University as a Project Manager in Information Technology in 2011. She became a certified Project Management Professional in 2012. Tiffany led many large scale infrastructure projects at Georgia State. Tiffany pitched and developed the Learning Community Development (LCD) team within the new Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and led that team as the Assistant Director from 2014-2020. Tiffany has consulted for Georgia State University, providing strategic and professional development throughout GSU. She is also the visionary and former Director of Digital Learners to Leaders (DLL), an interdisciplinary project-based co-curricular program that develops students’ digital literacy and leadership skills for K-16. 


DLL launched as a course in Fall 2020 within the Creative Media Industries Institute at Georgia State  University. Digital Learners to Leaders received the Education Futurist Impact Award in 2019 from Campus Technology and have been nominated for several Technology Association of Georgia Awards. Tiffany also received an Award of Excellence for her leadership to develop digital literacy and leadership in Higher Education from the Tech For All Alliance, Inc., a nonprofit organization focused on supporting diversity in technology that leads to social impact by raising public awareness around issues affecting the tech ecosystem and influencing policy. 


Tiffany is the founding advisor to PantherHackers (2015-2020), a large student organization at Georgia State focused on developing a culture of problem-solving through technology.  PantherHackers was recognized as the Organization of the Year in 2018 at the Georgia State Royal Flame Awards. Tiffany received the Advisor of the Year award at Georgia State  University 2019 Royal Flame Awards. Students from PantherHackers have won numerous local and national hackathons. Tiffany produced Global Game Jam for 3 years and continued to be a sponsor of the event through CETL. 

Tiffany produced the Teaching for Social Justice and Democracy speaker series at CETL since 2016 with a faculty award under the same name as well as other programs and grants focused on Social Justice including Social Justice and Student Success funded by the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities. Under her leadership and advisement, the LCD team is developing new programs including a gaming industries talent academy, a television show looking at the intersection of youth and technology, a hardware fund for students, media technology purchases, and workshops for students with numerous partnerships to enhance the student experience at Georgia State University.


Tiffany presents on a variety of topics including culturally relevant pedagogy, Hip-Hop in Education, developing socially conscious digital leaders, the importance of STEAM identities for students, and innovating as an intrepreneur. In October 2019, she was a featured presenter at the Educause Higher Education IT Conference alongside Georgia State’s Chief Innovation Officer, Phil Ventimiglia and a former student from Digital Learners to Leaders. In March 2020, Tiffany will present at the Educause Leadership Institute Annual Meeting alongside Georgia State’s Chief Learning Innovation Officer and a student from Digital Learners to Leaders. Tiffany has been tapped to provide professional development for the College of Education staff. Tiffany also received funding from State Farm to take a cohort of Georgia State students to South by Southwest to participate in the Historically Black Collegiate Experience (canceled due to Covid19).

Tiffany is a philanthropist and the Co-Founder of The Community Academy for Architecture and Design aka TCAAD (“t-cad”). TCAAD ws a Georgia state-approved charter school and the first elementary school for architecture and design thinking school in the nation. Covid19 required a pivot and now TCAAD is an independent learning community providing exposure opportunities for youth. 


If Tiffany could be doing anything else, she would be spreading love and Black heritage with her bean pies, homeschooling her children (which she is doing since Fall 2020) while they traveled the world, and producing television shows and movies that share with the world the beauty of marginalized cultures and communities.

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